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Market Research

What We Do:

NWMC Research conducts a variety of market research studies. Using core, controlled questions, we establish a benchmark. We take great care to develop individualized & intelligent questioning and use a scientific approach that codifies our research. We then analyze that data according to the client’s research goals and present our analyses in a professional and applicable manner that helps our clients improve and economize their marketing and media planning. Our approach is simple yet effective and we provide an extensively detailed final report and analysis of our findings.

Sample Report:

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Who do we contact?

We contact households within a designated market area, usually a particular county or region where the client does business; their market area. In the event that we contact a household that doesn’t wish to participate, we politely thank them for their time and continue with the next call–no pressure. Our calling alone presents a valuable advertising benefit by indirectly informing the consumers of the client’s services.

When do we contact?

We contact households at various times throughout the day to ensure a balanced survey and to reach more people. We will cease our calls at 8:30 pm local time to ensure that family time is not interrupted.

Why do we do it?

We enjoy helping clients improve and economize their marketing and advertising plans.  We like to find solutions to help our clients exceed through individualized & intelligent market research.

How do we do it?

We conduct our surveys in such a manner to include data from a wide spectrum of respondents. By collecting demographic data (age, gender & residence) in the survey we are able to cross-tabulate the results to gain a better understanding of your market. Through comprehensive data and statistical analysis, we are able to establish a benchmark by which to compare your company and provide a detailed report of our findings, with charts and graphs.

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Benefits of Market Research


    · Improved customer retention
    · Increased internal sales
    · Indirect advertising to your base/market
    · Increase the wallet-share of your existing base
    · Increase your membership base


    · Awareness of strengths
    · Benchmark data
    · Knowledge for better planning
    · Knowledge of competitors
    · Recognizing brand-new market opportunities

Data-Focused Market-Research

    · Clean & clear reporting
    · Complete confidentiality
    · Expeditious analysis reporting
    · Sophisticated research analysis
    · Ownership of contracted data
    · Regularly scheduled surveys
    · Seasoned recommendations and consulting
    · Unbiased 3rd party analysis


    · Extremely competitive pricing in an extremely competitive market
    · Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
    · Save on in-house resources
    · Save on staff time

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